Showcasing J Bird Studio for fine art

About Me


My Background

When I was five, my grandfather beheld the flock of birds I had just painted on the side our our family home, and declared, "You will be an artist, Little Bird, just like my friend, Carl Moon.  This dear man had just validated my heretofore-secret life as a toddler tagger who had been embellishing the sidewalks of our Pasadena neighbourhood and upsetting the status quo for quite some time.  I've been a suspect ever since.  I don't know how NOT to paint.  


My Medium

I use oil paint for my canvases and when I make greeting cards, which I will do from time to time, I use watercolour and my trusty Koh-i-noor radiograph.  


My Inspiration

My inspiration is everything and everywhere.  Travel is always good and meeting new people.  You just never know.